Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Funny Pick

American Idol- Justin Bieber "Baby"- sung by Megan Frazier Crazy Packe

My World

My Life
My World
My Everything
This is my Momma Denise she means everything to me.She is like my best friend but a mother at the same time.She always teaches me from right to wrong.She always tells me to do my best and try my hardest. When I'm down she is always there to lift me right back up and make me smile again. I can tell her anything without her criticising me and she always gives good advise.Sometimes she gets on my nerves but at the end of the day she will still be my Mommy, even though she named me after her childhood doll but she is THE BEST MOMMY EVER !

The Dusty Long Road

The long dusty road I travel
leaves me wondering
Sore feet as I take my time
down the brown gravel

Dark blue skies , dried out eyes
leaves me wondering
were am I going , were must
this road lead to

Theres diffrent roads here
and there all sunny and bright
But my road seems to not have light
no smiles only one dusty broke
down isle.

-Nicole Brown


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lean On Me ,

Everybody needs a best friend to go talk to when your not at your best.Well this is my best friend Tehya she is always there when I need a shoulder to lean on and I love her like no other.